Rome Travel Guide: Getting Around

We arrived at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport around 1:40PM. Since the airport is located at Fiumicino which is 30.8km away from Central Rome, we had to take the Leonardo Express for about 36 minutes till we arrived at our destination. The Leonardo Express is the only direct train that serves the route from the airport to Roma Termini every 30 minutes. However, if you decide to take the Taxi, the standard fix rate is 48 euros from Fiumicino airport to anywhere in Rome.


Upon arrival at Roma Termini, we immediately searched for TIM (a mobile service provider in Italy) to pick up the SIM card with 4GB mobile data. It’s better to buy your SIM card and mobile data beforehand so you can decide which plan suits you better during your stay in Italy.



Roma Termini is the busiest terminal station I have ever seen! It’s the main railway station in Rome which also happens to be the second largest railway station in Europe! From Roma Termini, there are two main Metro systems: A and B.

Metro Line A – Battistini travels Northwest of Rome while, Anagnina travels Southeastern.

Metro Line B – Rebibbia travels North-East, Jonio travels North and Laurentina travels South-West.




The individual ticket for bus, metro, tram and trains within Rome is 1.50 Euro but it is valid for 100 minutes. However, if you will be staying in Rome for a longer period, it is advisable to buy the “ROMA PASS” online or at Tourist Information in Roma Termini.


The Roma Pass is available in 48 hours and 72 hours. There are also freebies when you available either of the passes. Aside from free museum trips, you can avoid falling inline because there’s a special lane for Roma Pass holders.


For the 48 hours Roma Pass, it includes 1 free museum visit, covers all metro, bus and tram rides, discounts and reduced ticket prices to events, exhibition and tourist services. It is only 28 Euros. The Roma pass becomes active upon the first validation. So make sure to remember what time you validated it!

The 72 hours Roma pass is 38,50 Euros. It covers all metro, bus and trams with 2 free museum visit. Valid for 72 hours after the first validation.

For a more details, you may visit:


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